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Visitation Monitoring


Parent Visitation Program

Extending a friendly hand and helping heart in times of need

Parent Supervised Visitation

When situations require that parents have supervised visitations with their children, Coulee Youth & Adult  Centers, Inc. visitation program sensitively accommodates this need. The majority of the clientele for this program are contracted cases through La Crosse County Human Services. Coulee Youth and Adult Centers, Inc. may arrange for private contracts at a competitive rate. If visitation in the home is not an appropriate option Coulee Youth & Adult Centers, Inc. does have a visitation apartment where families may spend time playing games, reading, eating, and interacting with one another.

For further Information:

Contact Tara Roesch at Coulee Youth and Adult Centers, Inc., (608) 782-7152. Tara can answer any questions or concerns you have at that time and arrange for visitation at a convenient time for you and your child.

Parent Visitation Monitoring

The Parent Visitation Monitors are each trained in objectively observing parent-child interaction and will provide a detailed, unbiased documentation log for each visitation. Parent Visitation Monitors are not active participants of the visit, and will only intervene if necessary for the emotional or physical safely of the children.

Program Amenities

  • Full kitchen
  • Fenced in back yard with outdoor games
  • Reading materials
  • Age appropriate toys
  • Confidential home like apartment & single room for private visits
  • Accompany families in the community for special activities
  • Visitation hours available 7 days a week with flexible time schedules

The goal of this program is to allow parents and children to visit together in as natural a setting as possible, participating in fun, quality interaction.


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